Our Olive Oils

At Solvang Olive Co., we pride ourselves in our locally grown and produced extra virgin olive oils and artisan-crafted vinegars.

Being in California, we are surrounded by a flavorful bounty of goodness. That’s why all of our olive oils are 100% California grown and extra virgin. Being extra virgin means they’re from the first cold pressing of the olives — it’s the best olive flavor you can get.

We work with the best small, local and passionate farmers to produce our olive oil. These are the people who instill our desire only to work with people who love what they’re doing. They’re all dedicated to exceptional farming methods and practices and we’re excited to pass on the best olive oils to you.

There not being just one amazing flavor, we’ve hunted down and produced a range from spicy to mild, from rich to clean. Regardless of if you want something citrusy to mix in a dressing for your salad or something a little spicy to match with your salsa, we have just the extra virgin olive oil that you need.

Local, flavorful, exceptional: we strive to attain these. When you taste our oils and vinegars, we know you’re getting some of the best, not just from around California, but from around the world.

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