Our Vinegars

At Solvang Olive Co., we pride ourselves in our locally grown and produced extra virgin olive oils and artisan-crafted vinegars.

Being in California, we are surrounded by a flavorful bounty of goodness, including some of the freshest and tastiest fruits and vegetables. In order to produce the fullest flavored vinegars, we work with carefully selected farming experts, both locally and around the globe.

These experts pick local fruits and vegetables, like fresh blackberries from California’s Central Coast, red peppers that we hand roast for extra smokiness or farm-fresh plums. After careful harvesting and preparation of these ingredients, we blend them with our vinegars to produce truly complex and tasty flavors.

Whether you’re looking for an Asian kick, a white balsamic, something with raspberry or something a little extra special like an extra aged balsamic imported from Italy, we have you covered.

Local, flavorful, exceptional: we strive to attain these. When you taste our oils and vinegars, we know you’re getting some of the best, not just from around California, but from around the world.

solvang olive vinegar product line