Are There Any Olive Oil Producing Regions in Cyprus, and What Are Their Characteristics?

Yes, Cyprus indeed has olive oil producing regions

Namely, these regions include Paphos, Lemessos, Larnaka, and Nicosia. Each region stands out with its own distinct olive types and oil features, providing a rich variety of flavors and health benefits.

Paphos Region

  • Home to several olive oil mills.
  • Primarily produces the Cypriot indigenous variety ‘Tsounati’.
  • Known for its mild and fruity flavor, low acidity, and high polyphenol content.
  • Oil extraction is done predominantly by cold pressing to preserve nutrients.

Lemessos Region

  • Largest producer of ‘Koroneiki’ variety in Cyprus.
  • Famous for its robust flavor and intense fruity notes.
  • Oil extraction technique involves traditional stone milling and cold pressing.
  • A consistent gold medal winner in international olive oil competitions.

Larnaka Region

  • Globally acclaimed for its ‘Ladoelia’ olive oil, from the indigenous ‘Ladoelia’ olive tree.
  • Recognized for its distinct light and airy flavor with a slight bitterness on the palate.
  • The high-quality oil is ideal for use in salads and baked goods.

Nicosia Region

  • Known for the production of ‘Atsas’, a unique olive oil brand.
  • Atsas oil is high in antioxidants and phenolic compounds, promoting numerous health benefits.
  • Boasts a wonderful balance of fruity, spicy, and slightly bitter taste.
  • Perfect for drizzling over grilled vegetables, fish, meat, and pasta.
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