Is Aldi Olive Oil Cold Pressed for Cooking?

Understanding Aldi Olive Oil

Aldi does provide cold pressed olive oil in their product range. It is an ideal choice for cooking. Aldi’s olive oil is not only affordable but also of high quality, meeting international standards.

Key Terminology in Olive Oil Production

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): This is the highest quality of olive oil that is obtained straight from the olive fruits via cold pressing.
  • Cold Pressed: A method of oil extraction where the oil is mechanically pressed from the olives at a temperature below 80°F (27°C). It helps maintaing the olive oil’s flavor, color, and nutritional benefits.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: This is a lower grade than EVOO with acidity level between 1-3%. It’s produced in the same manner but from slightly lower quality olives.

Features of Aldi Olive Oil

  1. Quality Grade: Aldi provides EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), which is cold pressed and thus maintains all the beneficial nutrients.
  2. Sourcing: Aldi sources its olives from both domestic and international estates, ensuring a varied selection for customers.
  3. Affordability: One of the key differentiators for Aldi’s EVOO is its affordability without compromising on quality.

Cooking with Aldi Olive Oil

Given its quality and affordability, Aldi’s EVOO is ideal for everyday cooking needs. From sautéing vegetables to frying and even in baking, this olive oil can take your dish to the next level. Moreover, its robust flavor also makes it perfect for salad dressings and marinades.

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