Is Great Value Olive Oil Cold-Pressed?

Great Value Olive Oil: The Cold-Pressed Question

Great Value olive oil is not explicitly labeled as cold-pressed. However, this does not immediately disqualify it from possibly being made using cold-pressed methods.

What is Cold Pressed Olive Oil?

  • Cold pressed olive oil is made from fresh olives that are mechanically pressed to extract the oil, without the use of heat or chemicals.
  • The term ‘cold’ signifies that no external heat has been applied during extraction, ensuring preservation of flavor, aroma, and nutritional value.
  • This processing method is favoured by premium olive oil producers and is aligned with DOP (‘Denominazione di Origine Protetta’), a certification granted to superior quality products, unique to their geographical region.

Labeling and Certification of Olive Oil

  • Quality oils such as EVOO (‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’) are often cold pressed, and this information is displayed prominently on the labels.
  • A specific ‘Cold-Pressed’ or ‘First Cold-Pressed’ label indicates that the oil is of high-quality, preserving maximum taste and nutrients.
  • Recognized certifications like DOP, IGP (‘Indicazione Geografica Protetta’), Bio (‘Certificazione Biologica’) are also indicative of a high-quality, cold-pressed olive oil.

Great Value Olive Oil: Interpreting the Label

  • Great Value labels their olive oil as ‘100% Pure Olive Oil’, but there’s no explicit mention of ‘Cold-Pressed’.
  • This leaves room for interpretation and also the possibility that heat or other methods might have been employed during extraction.
  • It doesn’t hold any recognised olive oil certification marks that typically indicate a cold-pressed process.

In conclusion, without explicit labeling or recognised certification, it’s uncertain if Great Value olive oil is cold-pressed, suggesting potential use of other extraction methods.

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