Discovering the Olive Oil Regions of Argentina: A Focus on Emerging Reputation

Regions Developing Reputation for Olive Oil in Argentina

  • San Juan and Catamarca provinces are becoming known for their quality olive oil in Argentina.

San Juan Province

  • Located in the northwest of Argentina, the San Juan province is blossoming as an olive oil producer.
  • This area’s dry climate and fertile soil permits a rich harvest of olives, resulting in exceptional oil production.
  • The region is largely recognized for its production of Arauco, a native olive variety that produces oil with unique characteristics.

Catamarca Province

  • Catamarca, in the northwest of Argentina, is another region earning recognition for its olive oil production.
  • It enjoys adequate sunlight and thermal amplitude, which are optimal conditions for olive growth.
  • Of the many kinds of olive oil produced in this region, Extra Virgin is the standout, offering a superior flavor profile.

Expanding Regions for Olive Oil in Argentina

  • Other regions in Argentina showing promise in olive oil production are La Rioja and Mendoza.
  • While they may not be as well-known for their olive oils yet, these regions have the potential to develop reputations as significant contributors to Argentina’s olive oil market.

Global Acknowledgement

  • Thanks to their strict production methods and premium quality, olive oils from Argentina, especially San Juan and Catamarca, are gaining global recognition.
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